About Us

We enjoy blending Karoo contours and colours with designs that ‘frame’ the eyes. From a subtle blend of brown on light blue to a deep red-maroon; shiny black to crystal with matt white temples.  For us it is finding inspiration from the Karoo to create pieces of art that you can wear – that you can look. Creating these pieces is an ongoing process and we invite you to share your thoughts and ideas on new colours and designs.

Our first set of Karoo frames we are keeping in the Karoo. On a farm close to Aberdeen, Photographer Emmelyn van Zanten is capturing these frames among the rugged Karoo landscape. These images both inspire and ground us as we continue to develop new ranges of spectacle frames. You can follow us on Instagram where we want to celebrate beauty and find courage to continue creating Karoo inspired eyewear.

A recent visit to the Karoo showed us the tremendous skill and quality craftsmanship of people creating works that endure this harsh environment. This led us to personally visit our manufacturers to ensure the highest quality of craftsmanship is used in producing each spectacle frame. We hope that you will purchase additional Karoo frames to build a landscape using colours and designs that complement each other in your visual closet.